Company 3 members in 1971
Company 3 members in winter of 1961
(Scroll down to see enlargement.)

Behind them is Engine 3, a 1960 Ford
built by H & H of Jersey City. It had
a front mounted Hale 500gpm pump,
2 speed rear axle and vacuum assist
mechanical brakes. No power steering.

The firehouse would undergo an
expansion ten years later to
accomodate a new 1972 Hahn pumper.
(The footprint of the firehouse
in the photo is the present center
bay of today's structure.)

L to R: Henry Franz, Jess Ault, Bill Caldwell, Gene Tuite (on truck), Bob Tullet, Amos Prescott, Ed Ix (on truck), Karl Wohltmann, Howard Pember, Harry Hicks, Ted Hewlett, Dick Holmberg, Walter Nash. More info about the members including highest rank attained and dates of service to the fire company... A. Robert Tullett, Chief from 1951-1959 (1948-1960) Amos N. Prescott, 1st Assistant Chief (1952-1962) Carl H. Wohltmann (1952-1970) Eugene A. Tuite, Chief from 1982-1983 (1952-1996) Harry C. Hicks, Captain for 20+ years, member since 1952 Walter C. Nash, Chief in 1960 (1953-1965), Mayor of Kinnelon 1965-1968 Henry A. Franz, (1954-1961) Edward P. Ix, Jr., 1st Lt. (1954-1971) Jesse A. Ault (1955-1962) Richard Holmberg, 2nd Asst. Chief, (1957-1975) Theodore C. Hewlett, 1st Lt. (1958-1963) Howard W. Pember, 2nd Lt. (1959-1969) William Caldwell (1961-1963)