Trucks & drills 50's-70's

Trucks & drills 50's-70's

Some photos from a few years ago...
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Above left: Around 1970. L to R, Gerry Damstrom, Neil Devries, Jack Devries, "Skip" Friend, Jack Savage, Ernie Casper. Dutch Kishbaugh is in the cab of Truck 11, 1969 Hahn.

Above right: When? Unidentified chief with Jack Devries and Howard Roughgarden at the pump (see also below) of Truck 22.

Left: When? Joe Pavlak (or is it Ralph Hunt?) is retrieving equipment from Truck 1 in front of Smoke Rise Community Church. Jim Maher is in the darkness behind him puffing on a cigarette.

Photos furnished by Justin Muldoon. Taken by Harry Hicks.

More about the trucks (contributed by Dick Lummer and Walt Roche):

"Old 11" was a 1969 Hahn with Waukeshau gasoline engine and manual transmission. It had a 750gpm pump and carried 1,500 gallons of water.

"Old 22" was a 1964 Ford with fire truck conversion done by a shop on Cannonball Road in Pompton Lakes. Walt Holterman did much of the design layout. It carried 1,250 gallons of water and had a front mounted Hale 750gpm pump.

"Old 1 and 3" were sister trucks, built in 1960. These Fords were built by H & H of Jersey City. They had front mounted Hale 500gpm pumps, 2 speed rear axles and vacuum assist mechanical brakes. No power steering.

"Old Tanker 33" a Ford F950, in service at Company 3
from ____ to ____,
is still on duty: at the Green Pond, NJ VFD.