Tuite's 80th birthday
Eugene A. Tuite's 80th birthday party August 16, 1991. It was at the "old" Company 3 firehouse.
From September to December that year, the firehouse was greatly expanded (by the Smoke Rise Club)
to accomodate new Engine 3, a 1991 Pierce pumper which would replace an 1981 Hahn, Engine 33.
(Behind the group here is "old" Engine 3, a 1972 Hahn. In 1993 it would be refurbished
by SuperVac to become Company 1's current Unit 5, a lighting/air/utility truck.)

L to R: Paul Koonz, Leo Jordan, Glenn Sisco, Don Provost, Gail Bresett with Jeffery, Fred Morse, Rich Griffin,
Gene Tuite, George Frey, Walt Roche, Harry Bott, Vic Filan, Gordon Cook, Norman "Doc" Decker.