1987 drill at Morris County
1987 fire school at Morris County Fire Academy's burn building.
L to R: 2nd Asst. Chief Ralph Grube, 1st Asst. Chief Ron Muldoon, Doug Roselius, Bill Graham
Jim Salvatoriello, Alan Bresett and Chief Ernie Palatucci are in Truck 5 (a 1967 Grumman step van *),
Les Oppenheimer, Jim Cortese, Randy Wurtsbaugh, Norm Dotti, Don Provost, Bob Appeldoorn,
Randy Klecha, Art Sturgeon, Mike Rotondi, Bob Pisani, Joe Pavlak.

* Old Truck 5 is still on the road today, but without its cascade system and pumps
and chimney kit. It can be seen around town as part of the Kinnelon D.P.W. fleet.