FREEWARE: Kinnelon street navigator program

This is a DOS program, developed in 1992. It runs faster and better
on today's computers than it did when first written!

There is NO OTHER street navigation program like it. Using your arrow
keys, you can steer (navigate) your icon fire truck or other vehicle
from intersection to intersection throughout the Borough of Kinnelon
(Kinnelon street database, updated February 2000, and demo "Test Town" database supplied.)
You can also set up your own database of streets and intersections
for ANY TOWN or area for which you supply the data.

The program downloads as one 300k zipped file. When unzipped is 13 files, 750k total.
(Winzip program recommended. You can download a shareware evaluation copy at...
Keep all files in the same directory and read
the "readme.txt" file before running the program